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Life Purpose - the 3 Life Changing Questions

What if you don’t have a strong fix on what your life purpose is? What if you sort of know but are still a bit off centre? I have an interesting process I take people through, but here are the FIRST 3 things I ask someone to answer when they are attempting to crack that ageless question of “what am I here to do?” or “what career path should I be on?”

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Stress Resilience - Get Your Mojo Back

There is nothing more un-attractive than stress. You feel tired. You look like crap. We have so many busy distractions in our life and we are so consumed to “have” and to “do” that we really do forget that our precious spirit and body are dragging along behind the ego begging to have a moment’s break.

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What Our Workplace Enemies Reveal About Us

Difficult life challenges make people stronger, if and when they are overcome. The same goes for acrimonious relationships in the workplace. It doesn’t matter how hardened you are, interacting with a difficult colleague on a daily basis causes discomfort. For some, it’s like showing up to work every day with a thorn in your side and a knife in your back.

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Are you a King or a Prince at Work?

How big is your ego? Let me get one thing clear before we expand this question. I think the ego is a beautiful thing if it stays healthy. I am not a fan of bagging the ego as it holds so many obvious gifts:  language, logic, decision making and more.

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Point Zero

Point Zero is a place whereby your mindset and thoughts are operating like the inner observer or the inner witness. It means that you rely on having peaceful and free thoughts and perceptions of the world, rather than relying on external or physical experiences to drive your happiness or mood. Let me repeat that.

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5 Ways to Boost Confidence with Clients or at Work

Have you ever been working with a client, giving a presentation or leading a team and thought, even for just a moment, “I can’t do this,” or “I’m not qualified for this,” or “Why should they listen to me?” Have you ever been working one-on-one with someone or speaking to a group, and right in the middle of you sentence a voice in the back of your head chimed in with, “You aren’t good enough to do this”?

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Mind Fit

I teach people how to cope with BIG stuff that comes up. You need to get MIND FIT to manage everyday modern life. Think of it like weight lifting. You wouldn’t walk into a powerlifting competition with no training and expect to lift 150kg. Same goes with tackling a major life issue or a work burnout, or a serious life conflict. You need the mind-fit training to handle what comes your way.

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Not Knowing Passage


We have all felt the distress of not knowing how to make changes in our lives. For example, we may know we’re in the wrong job but not know what the right job may be. We may want to be more loving but not know how to unlock our heart. We may want a new relationship but not know how to meet someone new. It’s a difficult time when our reality doesn’t match our desires. We feel the tension inside, what are we going to do about it???

It may help to understand that our soul doesn’t feel this tension…

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How To Sustain Your Working Life?: Workplace Wellness Culture

How To Sustain Your Working Life Workplace Wellness Culture
How do we create sustainable people in business? In order for a business to thrive and survive, especially in today’s fast-paced and stressful modern world, people need to be sustainable in a business workplace. They need to be around an environment that encourages sustainability, that will make them love and enjoy it and keep their energy well so that they can stay long term with the business or the company. What would be some examples of sustainable business for someone?

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