Life Purpose - the 3 Life Changing Questions


True heart connection comes when you know and understand the reasons why you are here in this world and at this time. This can be as mystical or as practical as you want it to be. What I do know is that once you are on this life path and 100% connected to it, then all decisions and all actions either “rezinate” with that life path or not. So the decisions you make daily change from a simple and random yes v no to a “yes it matches my life path” or “no it does not match my path”. Having this point of reference is very empowering.

But what if you don’t have a strong fix on what your life purpose is? What if you sort of know but are still a bit off centre? I have an interesting process I take people through, but here are the FIRST 3 things I ask someone to answer when they are attempting to crack that ageless question of “what am I here to do?” or “what career path should I be on?”

Q1. What are you naturally and ‘hands-down” good at? What are your innate gifts? What do people naturally seek from you? What do you inspire in others? Keep answering that question until you feel like you really know what your ray is.

Q2. What are your top 1- 3 challenges  in life? What have you struggled with as a repeating pattern? What thwarts you? This could be self confidence, relationship issues, fear, anxiety, friends that betray you, family issues, body image issues and the list goes on.

Q3. What do you LOVE to see play out in the world? e.g. what gives you the strongest heart emotion or strongest pleasure to see happen? for example a financial planner might love to see people build wealth to allow their clients a great family home to entertain, a healer might love to see personal transformation that builds inner confidence, a marriage counsellor loves to see relationships death and rebirth into something better, a personal stylist loves to see inner beauty surface on the outside, a career coach loves to see people find their ultimate job and succeed and a vet loves to see sick animals heal to full health. Others might enjoy facilitating creativity, freedom or education.

Once you answer these 3 questions, you will get several clues as to what path you should follow! Then your job (and often mine),is to glue those pieces together and finish the jigsaw puzzle to it’s beautiful completion. Start thinking today and get clarity in your life. It’s worth it.


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