How To Fall In Love With Your Best Traits

Debbie Pask, Life, and Business Coach is an expert on mindfulness and connecting people to their career/life purpose so they are energised, focused, nourished and confident. In her latest article for RESCU. Debbie shares how to fall in love with your best traits. The best romance you will ever have is with yourself. And when you think about what it means to have a love affair with you, it boils down to two key parts that cannot be separated.

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The Top 5 Keys to Your 90-Day Wellness Plan

How to best navigate a solid sense of self-care and wellness day to day? My suggestion is that we incorporate a 90-day wellness plan that is individualized and tailored to you. It’s not really that tricky nor do you need to be a fitness trainer, personal coach or spiritual guru to accomplish it.

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Do You Know Your Team Members’ ‘Language of Love’?

Here are some of my top line thoughts on what sort of love language I could provide to my team. How do you employ this strategy, and see what happens to team performance?

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Point Zero

Point Zero is a place whereby your mindset and thoughts are operating like the inner observer or the inner witness. It means that you rely on having peaceful and free thoughts and perceptions of the world, rather than relying on external or physical experiences to drive your happiness or mood. Let me repeat that.

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The 7 Inspiring Things To Do During Lockdown

7 Inspiring Things To Do During Lockdown
We are in an extremely inwardly reflecting point in time. A global change that is asking us to search deep. In terms of your inner and outer health, what are some inspired things to catch up on? I have made a short list. Enjoy!

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The Peace, Happiness and Success Model

The Peace Happiness Success Model
Let’s talk about peace, happiness, and success. I think it’s pretty undisputed that we all want success and we also want to feel happy. None of us are sitting around going, “I don’t want to feel successful.” or, “I don’t want happiness. I don’t want peace.” either. I think that would be a total lie.  

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