yin and yang energy

5 Proven Methods to Boost Your Energy at Work

Cultivating your energy should be your number one priority, so try out these ideas to get your electricity flowing and firing on all cylinders.

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The Top 5 Keys to Your 90-Day Wellness Plan

How to best navigate a solid sense of self-care and wellness day to day? My suggestion is that we incorporate a 90-day wellness plan that is individualized and tailored to you. It’s not really that tricky nor do you need to be a fitness trainer, personal coach or spiritual guru to accomplish it.

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Point Zero

Point Zero is a place whereby your mindset and thoughts are operating like the inner observer or the inner witness. It means that you rely on having peaceful and free thoughts and perceptions of the world, rather than relying on external or physical experiences to drive your happiness or mood. Let me repeat that.

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