mind fit

Point Zero

Point Zero is a place whereby your mindset and thoughts are operating like the inner observer or the inner witness. It means that you rely on having peaceful and free thoughts and perceptions of the world, rather than relying on external or physical experiences to drive your happiness or mood. Let me repeat that.

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5 Ways to Beat the Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like an imposter in the room? Maybe you're a coach or therapist working with a client, or a business leader or manager speaking to your team. Or, maybe you find yourself talking with your patients, co-workers or peers and a moment of doubt shows up...

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Mind Fit

I teach people how to cope with BIG stuff that comes up. You need to get MIND FIT to manage everyday modern life. Think of it like weight lifting. You wouldn’t walk into a powerlifting competition with no training and expect to lift 150kg. Same goes with tackling a major life issue or a work burnout, or a serious life conflict. You need the mind-fit training to handle what comes your way.

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The 7 Inspiring Things To Do During Lockdown

7 Inspiring Things To Do During Lockdown
We are in an extremely inwardly reflecting point in time. A global change that is asking us to search deep. In terms of your inner and outer health, what are some inspired things to catch up on? I have made a short list. Enjoy!

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