Burn Brightly
Without Burning Out

Learn the tools and skills to up-level your performance and energy at work using the Head and Heart approach. 

Debbie Pask merges business acumen with spirituality and quantum training to transform leaders and entrepreneurs beyond 2-dimensional success.


Energy should be your number one priority as a business owner, manager, leader or entrepreneur. After all, it's our most powerful tool.

Get the guidance you need to master your personal energy and up-level your performance and success on the job.

Private Coaching

Performance, life and business coaching available to activate your true potential and operate at peak performance without burning out.


Group Coaching

Join the Spiritual Business Mastermind, immerse yourself in a zenful retreat or work through issues with groups of like-minded souls.


Online Courses

Learn strategies to excel, gain awareness of self to grow from within, and implement the zenful business approach.


  • James & Debbie Pask

    “From the first 10 minutes of my initial session with Debbie, I was so energized and excited by possibilities.”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Debbie is an intuitive, strong, wise, empowering and supportive Professional who not only leads you to discern your career purpose but also strategically and realistically helps you achieve it!”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Debbie’s expertise, guidance and also ruthlessness (in a good way) has led me to be able to get on the path that’s where I always wanted to be. ”

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11 Models for Flow & Peak Performance

Debbie Pask’s latest book ‘Zenful Business’ gives you the 11 models and tools you need to access your inner zen to perform better at work (and in your life).

Written for the open-minded and growth mindset professionals, Zenful Business will help you leap forward in how you think, feel and connect to your career.

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Workplace Wellness

A weekend retreat for entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and teams to restore balance within for peak performance at work.

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