12-Week Mentoring Package
with Debbie Pask 

“A good coach can change a game.  A great coach change a life.”
-John Wooden

Debbie Pask-Rezinate-course-facilitator

"Hi, my name is Debbie Pask and I work with in the space of Transformation Coaching, helping professionals to move past any personal blocks and nail their business vision and goals.

MY  'east meets west' approach means that we can oscillate between deeper emotional challenges that arise in us all – alongside helping you to keep the commercial and operational flow on track. I use a combination of business skills I have learned over the years, coaching and counselling skills and also my intuition. I think in patterns and see and hear things other people don’t by reading energy and tuning into the Quantum field."

Why 12 Weeks of Mentoring?

Well, firstly I get to know you really well and can be a second brain to your business or career. Secondly, there is a reason why the business world utilises 90-Day or 12 week working plans.

Working in these bursts of energy provides enough time to deliver and not too much time to procrastinate! It is powerful and punchy.

What do I usually suggest?

A 6-Session (1 session per fortnight) Mentoring Package will give you the commitment, strategic thinking, and actions to meet your outcomes. I give you homework in between so having weekly sessions is usually too intense unless we do short 45 minute practical coaching sessions that focus more on accountability.

If you are a high performer, you don’t need weekly sessions.
If you tend to get lost a bit, weekly might well work.
You choose.

After the FIRST session, Debbie will select a series of SPECIFIC sessions to address your challenge or opportunity. They include:

  • Shadow Integration Flipping (working out why your negative trait or challenge serves you)

  • Subconscious reprogramming – using tools like Psych K, Super-conscious entrainment and more.

  •  Ancestral re-patterning and repair – constellation work, inner child regression and subconscious archetype identification.

  •  Values and ID work to enable you to play to strengths and get on purpose.

  • Life Purpose/Blueprint work to course-correct your career.

  • Stress Management – learn the art of balance in work and life (yin yang flow).

  • Creating Strong and Powerful actions plans to get your business products and services flowing.

  • Unlock any blocks in growth or financial limitations – through quantum field healing processes.

  • Development of personal and meditative practices to support your career and personal life.


Who is Debbie Pask?

Debbie is a transformation and performance coach specialising in mindfulness, purpose and value. She has a background in board level advertising, a degree in philosophy and has been trained in eastern philosophy, meditation and mindfulness. After leaving her board role in 2003, Debbie built and sold two companies (a boutique consulting firm and an online tools website) and is the Co-Founder and owner of Zenful Business (business coaching) and Rezinate Pty Ltd (personal coaching).

Debbie now spends her time coaching, teaching and writing books to inspire a more connected and conscious approach to doing business – on a commercial and personal level to create a sustainable working life.  Her particular passion is assisting people to find their Life Purpose and apply that to have a more satisfying career and life. After delivering over 10,000 sessions, Debbie has a vast level of experience in all things human related! 

  • Rezinate

    “The Masterclass Program was FANTASTIC , I learned so much, not only about the tools but also about myself & how to implement simple changes in my life. Everyone in the group was very different, each of us with our own amazing life experience and knowledge & I learned a lot from hearing how the others in our group used the tools on themselves & to help others.
    I can only give Debbie & her Masterclass my very best recommendations. Debbie has an amazingly positive energy & knowledge that she happily shares that with everyone.”

    Director and Country Manager

  • Rezinate

    “...I am excited for my future as a Life Coach, I was sad that the course was over. The course content is brilliant. The way in which Debbie presents it, makes it so easy to follow and the tools supplied make it so easy to implement. I found I put into practice what I learnt, almost immediately. The content is delivered a very usable way. The group webinars were a real treat. We all came such different backgrounds, that there was so much to learn from each other. What I loved most is that it's a mixture of western world and eastern philosophies. The course has given me the opportunity to appreciate my life experiences and value what my life has taught me. Debbie and the course has given me the biggest gift of allowing me to align my career with my purpose and passion, I couldn't have asked for more. I can't wait for the Masterclass Part 2.”

    Creatives Service Manager & Personal Coach