Are you a King or a Prince at Work?


How big is your ego? Let me get one thing clear before we expand this question. I think the ego is a beautiful thing if it stays healthy. I am not a fan of bagging the ego as it holds so many obvious gifts:  language, logic, decision making and more.

Here’s my formula for a healthy ego:

Healthy EGO = KING                                             Unhealthy EGO = PRINCE

We all know the difference between a KING and a PRINCE right? The king is powerful and courageous yet fully accountable and benevolent. The prince yields the power by birthright, yet has not mastered the responsibility and can easily binge and ego trip.

You may have a big ego yet if you are wielding it for good, then you are truly using the gift. Let’s see this in action at work. This is an excerpt from my latest book: ‘Zenful Business: 11 Models for Performance and Flow at Work’

What qualities does the KING have? The King is the healthy ‘true masculine’ aspect. The Prince is unhealthy and is the ‘false masculine’ aspect.

Let’s see how they are different.

Question:  Which do you play? The King or the Prince?

Perhaps you oscillate, depending on what comes up. You might be courageous like the King but communicate like the Prince. Have a think about where you can master your ego by employing the tactics of the King. All of us (men and women) have the Prince and King within us or the Queen and Princess which is another story in itself.

Thinking like a KING has so many benefits for your own identity and the impact you have on other people in your working life. King’s gain more trust from their team and colleagues. They are often sought after for decisions and opinions. They are asked to collaborate (due to their ability to work in teams) and therefore opportunities arise more easily. They command better salaries and respect from their crew. Most of all, Kings are people you want to hang out with and go to lunch with. They are invited to Xmas parties. Their good heart wins raving fans and they don’t need to over-drive, compete or over-work to master their working life. They just seem to naturally rise to the surface.

What can you do today to think like a KING? Stay tuned for how to think like a Queen in one of my future blog posts.

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