Mind Fit


I am an expert of the MIND. Wow, that felt weird when I first said it, but yes- the MIND.

I have real-life experience having conducted over 10,000 sessions coaching people with mindset issues. Addictions. Relationship conflicts. Self-confidence issues. Poor habits. Shadows. Career crisis. You name it, I have heard it. I also understand the pressures and stress of the business world. Again, a ‘mind’ challenge. So, after my own corporate meltdown (having come through the ranks too quickly), I studied everything I could about the mind – which of course led me to the heart and the soul. I wanted to understand from all perspectives. Modern psychology, meditation, philosophy, indigenous understandings, quantum science, neural patterns, astrological impacts, energy medicine and more.

I now teach business people with growth mindsets, the powers of the mind and how to tune into the deeper mind or the higher mind to get out of their own way and thrive.

What is thriving?

  • Working through your blocks.
  • Finding your calm space and staying there.
  • Understanding cycles of life and remaining at point zero.
  • Arriving at your desires more easily without letting them control you.

I teach people how to cope with BIG stuff that comes up. You need to get MIND FIT to manage everyday modern life. Think of it like weight lifting. You wouldn’t walk into a powerlifting competition with no training and expect to lift 150kg. Same goes with tackling a major life issue or a work burnout, or a serious life conflict. You need the mind-fit training to handle what comes your way. Sure, it’s amazing for the day to day world to have your wild monkey mind tamed. But when it really matters, when it truly matters. When the shit hits the fan, you want to walk into that mind lifting competition and push 150 kg. of emotional baggage like you are a pro.

I recently attended a Buddhist talk with a Rinpoche, that has studied human nature for over 30 years and has 3 Ph.D.’s in mind training. He was chosen at 7 years old to represent his Tibetan village teachings. This guy has made mental mastery of his life journey, right? You know what he says is the critical things to do...Yep. You know it. He says the ultimate thing to do is to tame what he calls “The Wild Horse of the Mind”. This is the most important thing we can do right now.

As our society evolves, and we want more stuff we aren’t getting any happier. Life stresses seem to be increasing. Suicide, anxiety, and depression are increasing. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that depression is the second larger killer of man in the west, after heart attack. And what is heart attack if not the result of a depressed heart right, or a broken heart, or feelings? We are trying to drown out through drinking, stuff down through eating, suppress through smoking or escape through drug addiction, and so, the negative thoughts are literally killing us, anger, shame, grief, hurt, frustration, envy and more.

Our mind can be our greatest friend or our greatest enemy. It can nurture us or hate us. It can tell us we suck or love us like we are matter. If you look at quantum science, we know the heart is more electromagnetically powerful than the mind, and so is the spirit. We have a huge resource should get through this crazy mind. But if you cannot tame your monkey mind, then you cannot access these natural resources properly. The mind is your key to your performance. Your relationships, goals, happiness, and your habits.

Make it your goal to get mind fit. I can show you how to start. I don’t have all your answers (come for a coaching sesh if you want individual attention), but I do have some valuable keys that I have learned over my lifetime study and I have simplified them, so you can fit them into your busy world. After all, being mind fit doesn’t mean spending years meditating in a cave. They need to be bite-sized pieces of wisdom you can do easily. What are you waiting for?



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