Not Knowing Passage


We have all felt the distress of not knowing how to make changes in our lives. For example, we may know we’re in the wrong job but not know what the right job may be. We may want to be more loving but not know how to unlock our heart. We may want a new relationship but not know how to meet someone new. It’s a difficult time when our reality doesn’t match our desires. We feel the tension inside, what are we going to do about it???

It may help to understand that our soul doesn’t feel this tension only our personality suffers this angst. Our ego always wants to know, to be in control of the situation and to make everything comfortable and secure. It will struggle desperately to return to the security of knowing. Unfortunately, though the ego can only work with what it already knows. Any solutions it identifies will necessarily be more of the same. So nothing really changes.

What we’re really looking for, though, is a whole new level of experience. We want something we’ve never had before. How do we do this?

Connecting with our soul can take us beyond the ego’s experience and we do this by being willing to just be in NOT KNOWING. This is very scary for the personality. But if we can genuinely feel what it’s like to NOT KNOW, we find it’s a very spacious place to be. It’s ripe with potential. Doing this, we take ourselves out of the box of our old thinking and if we can sit there quietly, not giving in to the ego’s pressure to do something, we’ll support the changes we’re looking for.

A mind that’s obsessed with finding the perfect solution is preoccupied with its own thoughts and not listening for guidance. It could easily miss opportunities for something new and appropriate because they don’t match its expectations. The ego also doesn’t have the bigger picture of our development. It can try to push us into situations for which we are not yet ready.

We don’t always grow at the pace our personality prefers, sometimes, we seem to move too quickly and sometimes we don’t seem to be moving at all. Sometimes, we’re ‘stuck’ in the void of not knowing for years, it’s an incredible challenge to remain patient and not get lost in
depression. It’s easier to accept the discomfort of this void if we have learned to TRUST that all is unfolding for our best interests.

The more we can OPEN, the more we invite synchronicities, coincidences, and miracles into our life. The more we can FOCUS ON THE ESSENCE, rather than the details of what we desire, the more easily we’ll find brand new solutions that are completely different than what we might have expected. The more we can ACCEPT whatever comes up, whether it be obstacles or confusion or end deal opportunities, the more easily we’ll manifest that new situation we’re yearning for. We all have unrealized dreams, unmet potentials and unanswered callings that can gnaw at us. Explore shifting your perspective.

Experience NOT KNOWING as a positive, creative, exciting place to be. Focus your awareness on what you most want and be aware and accepting of how you feel because you don’t yet have it. Let the tension be. Don’t push it away. Release expectations.

Have faith that with openness, a solution will come.


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