The Top 5 Keys to Your 90-Day Wellness Plan


Do you believe you need these things for your personal life? I am hoping you answered a big whopping YES to this question!

-You do!

We all know and agree with the whole ‘life gets busy’ spiel. So, how to best navigate a solid sense of self-care and wellness day to day? My suggestion is that we incorporate a 90-day wellness plan that is individualized and tailored to you. It’s not really that tricky nor do you need to be a fitness trainer, personal coach or spiritual guru to accomplish it. So, what are the ingredients? Here are my suggestions since we do this very exercise at our 4-Day Retreats in Bellingen.

1  You need a vision or theme for those 90 days. What is the flavor of your mission? Creativity? Fun? Movement? Healthy choices? More down time? Happiness? Planning and structure… etc.

2  You need to review your current wellness habits. What should you STOP doing, KEEP doing and START doing to feed that theme above?

3 What are the 5 key projects or outcomes that you are seeing completed or progressed at the end of 3 months? E.g. Transition to a Paleo diet, Master meditation, Join Yoga, reduce working hours and be more present with the family etc.

4 Based on your top values (we establish these at our retreat – but basically what’s most important to you in life) - where are there any conflicts with your plans/projects?

5  Who or what might get in your way of accomplishing these plans and what are you going to do about it?

Put yourself at the top of your list and master your energetic wellness state. When you are in your ideal state, so does everything hum a little easier. Set your own 90-day Wellness Plan today.

Contact me if you would like a session to help you figure it out or spend 4 days away with myself and James at our Healing Holidays retreat to sort your own energy and wellness plans out.

Healing Holidays Retreat 2017

-  Debbie Pask


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