The 7 Inspiring Things To Do During Lockdown

7 Inspiring Things To Do During Lockdown

We are in an extremely inwardly reflecting point in time. A global change that is asking us to search deep. In terms of your inner and outer health, what are some inspired things to catch up on? I have made a short list. Enjoy!

#1 – Intellectual Property (IP)

Whether we’re working for someone else or ourselves, ALL of us have access to a lot of stored information and intelligence built up over the life of your career. And some of us are really good at translating that into powerful products, ideas or research papers. And some of us have it all floating around in our head and either haven’t had the time or space to put this to paper yet.

Well; it is time now.

What I’d suggest you do in this time of inner reflection and shutdown… is to document some of your intellectual property (your IP) as either a creative writing piece, a manifesto, a product idea, some research, a bio; or anything that you feel has value and importance. And start to really own and value that piece of intellectual property.

That’s number one and trust me – you will cherish this document later on.

#2 – Write those release letters that are long overdue

What is a release letter, you say? It’s tidying up your old emotional baggage or past trauma, where you need to write a letter to someone you know or an event that has happened and to let it go.

Not send it. Just simply dissolve it through your expression. Indigenous tribes knew the power of this release technique and are really great at doing burn ceremonies or dance ceremonies (burning-letter ceremonies) to release the old and honour the milestone that it was. They would burn and smudge energy regularly. In the Western world, we don’t have a lot of those types of release processes. So, it’s important to be able to write down what you need to release.

Write what emotions are coming up; look for the lesson; and then let it go through a burn ceremony, whether that’s burning it over your sink or in your backyard or some way that’s safe. Number two is about tidying up the mess and taking out the garbage.

#3 – Call those people that you’ve neglected to talk to recently

I know that we’ve all got people in our life that have fallen into the TOO HARD category. Old colleagues, old friends, family members, people that we really haven’t had a lot of time for lately. Make a list of those important people that you need to speak to, and have that long overdue chinwag. It will be very therapeutic and you might have some old happy memories resurface to out a spring in your step.

#4 – Write a short novel

Yes, if you’re a writer, that is. Or if you’re not a writer but you like speaking on camera, film a short video. But get that first short novel written or done. Or something that’s meaningful to you in terms of storytelling. Now it could be a bio, short journal passage on life reflections or it could be a novella, a short novel. But just put pen to paper and start creating that book that you always wanted to write and never could (due to those long excuses you made up).

#5 – Redesign your new logo or a new product/business idea

Why not get out there and think about what needs to be revamped in your business? It’s time to work ON the business and NOT IN the business currently. And so, I would suggest that you look at and/or do a recce or a SWOT analysis on your business and decide what stays, what goes… and… how can you revamp yourself?  In times of restriction, planning is KING.

#6 – Revamp your social media

Take a look at your social media accounts and what you’re posting.

Is it on brand, or on message? Is it authentic to you?

Get clear on the strategy and incubate new ways of broadcasting. You could decide to create a whole lot of future posts; get them all ready to go for later, down the track when the business starts to resume back to full power.

#7 – What is your charity or contribution at this moment?

This is the most exciting and important one! What is your charity or contribution? If you were to think of your skills; whether you’re a coach, a mentor, a good grocery shopper, or you’re good at cleaning, or whatever it is that you could do…. what would you be contributing right now to the world and humanity in this unprecedented time?

We exist in this time and space so how could you effectively help someone or a group with your unique skills? It might be advice on technology. It could be how to sew up clothes if they get damaged. It’s whatever you’re good at. It could be fixing cars or advice on mechanics. Step up and put it out there. Your contribution helps us to feel part of the greater whole and not be so alone.

Good luck taking your inspired action today. And please share any thoughts or ideas to this post that might help us all to take inspired action.


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