A New Perspective on Financial Security and Big Life Transitions


For those of you who have experienced a coaching session with me, you have likely heard me bang on about cycles of rest and recovery and also falling into the VOID. More about that later. It’s pretty important you understand these concepts because they are lifesavers.

I want to talk today about BIG LIFE TRANSITIONS and FINANCIAL SECURITY. This topic comes up a lot as we all need money to survive here and it raises a lot of fear in us when it runs short or feels threatened. Our entire society runs off finance as a benchmark for security and success. We are obsessed with it.

What I have noticed over 10,000 sessions is a debilitating fear in people who have spent most of their lives securing money, chasing stability, and putting that before their health, friends, family, and their passion.

And it is time to put that fear in its place – for ONCE and FOR ALL. So, let’s go back to the beginning.

You were born into this body, into this family, and into this planet and country … at this TIME in history. You have a place here and your Spirit has a purpose. You are unique. Nobody is you and you even have your own fingerprints to prove that your ID is uniquely and solely YOURS.

Think about planet Earth – it is chasing the sun (our bright life-enhancing STAR) through the milky way galaxy gravitationally being pulled along as it moves through time and space. This is the miraculous place where we live!

Question: Do you really think that your Spirit has traveled all the way into this body and in this time, on this earth just to earn some extra bucks?

All that synchronicity. All of that fine-tuned and delicate balance of ancestry and life force that created YOU… here and now.

Sure it’s 100% fine to earn money, however, this cannot drive you and all your decisions because if it does, then you accept that you are just a number, a robot that is visiting this earth with no soul to just mine the resources and pump out dollars with the final goal being to die never having fully realised who you are.

Having a higher perspective of what you are really here to do needs to emerge as your big life transitions occur. You need this higher perspective to get through and to make healthy and honest decisions about your life. If money is the driver, forget it. You will remain stuck and stagnant, living that robot life. Ouch!

So, if you are having a cathartic big life crisis or transition, it's time to put on the new glasses and look with new eyes. It is so relieving and so refreshing to do. Here are the steps.

  1. Recognise you are in a rest and recovery stage from your busy life. See the diagram below. This is a race and recovery performance athlete cycle whereby you need to STOP and rest after a big race. It requires repair and reflection. When a big life crisis or event occurs, you need to step or fall into that lower oscillation (take the heat off) and give yourself the SPACE to think on the next steps. Don’t rush. Your happiness depends on it.

    In fact – see it as your BIRTHRIGHT to explore yourself and your options and never shortcut the thinking and spiritual reflection, otherwise, you are dishonouring your path.
  2. Allow yourself to drop into the VOID space– it is a time of NOT KNOWING. Be swept up into the mystery and don’t try to figure it out so fast. The void space is actually quite peaceful if you allow yourself the room. It requires that you don’t act. There is no pressure. Creation lives here so if you truly stay absorbed in it, you will see the magic come out on the other side. See my diagram below about void changes.
  3. Tune into Your Passions and Your Purpose– your reason for being here. 99% of BIG TRANSITIONS are trying to course-correct you back into rhythm with who you are. So, to avoid the drawn-out pain of these, flow along with it and take the blue pill. Explore your inner self, your fears, and your true purpose. Think about where life has been flat-lining and stagnant. Commit to reinventing yourself. Dare to lucid dream your next version of yourself.
  4. Finally, when you are ready and only then … ACT. With enthusiasm and wisdom. Look at your life not in it. Have the eagle perspective.  Be courageous with your actions and make them with heart and instinct. You couldn’t possibly have dreamt up your last 10 or 20 years of life, so why would you expect to know all the answers now? Act on the first step that makes sense and see where it takes you. Remember to avoid letting friends, colleagues, and family control you or put the fear of god into you! Your life is yours. You are the ONLY voice your life has so protect it. 
  5. Lastly – learn the art of putting your inner critic or ego in its box! Your mind will feel the crumbling of old structures start as you follow your heart and not the head. It will try to entrap you sometimes and you need to be the master of your thoughts. Watch it. Observe it and laugh at it. Get mind fit.

    And always, always remember that you are worth it. That your life matters here and you have a mission. If the bucks roll in because of your passionate work, fantastic. They most likely will. Love those big life transitions because they LOVE you back and are asking for a course correction.



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