Are you a good leader to yourself? Answer these 5 Questions to Find Out!


We hear so many opinions on what makes a good leader and how to run a successful team, but do we really apply these principles to ourselves? Are you an encouraging and compassionate leader to yourself every day? Are you treating your own mind and body the way you would expect to run a high performing team? Let’s take a short quiz and find out.

Let’s take a short quiz and find out.

The below five points are some of the behaviors good leaders show their teams. Answer YES or NO to whether you practice this behavior inwardly; in terms of self-talk, self-management, and self-performance.

1. You work out your team members greatest skills and get them to focus on their strengths for success – as opposed to trying to do and be everything (hence, become average/scattered).

2. When your team member goes through challenging times (work or personal), you give them some slack and give them a positive pep talk to ensure they feel supported and loyal to the cause.

3. You sit down with your team member and regularly celebrate what they have done well in a performance review (including rewards) and then look at how you can support them to work on blocks and challenges.

"Self-leadership is the precursor to effectively leading others." -Reed B. Markham

4. You create focused and strategic goals – building vision and trust with your team, but also stay open to a growth mindset and remain adaptable and flexible. Rigid leadership is the death of the team. You know when to keep driving versus let go.

5. You elude a calm and centered mindset and work out powerful ways to manage stress so that the team feels confident and relaxed around you.

Now, after reviewing those 5 leadership qualities, do you practice this same respect and leadership to yourself? Many of us don’t extend the same generosity, rewards or positive self-talk that we give to our teams. Isn’t it time to look after yourself as the first priority and put into place a leadership strategy for you…


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