5 Proven Methods to Boost Your Energy at Work


Cultivating your energy should be your number one priority, so try out these ideas to get your electricity flowing and firing on all cylinders.

Take at least 10 minutes for yourself every morning.
Before you lend a hand, grab someone's breakfast, respond to a text or answer an email - think about giving yourself the very FIRST time-slot for the day. This simple ritual shows you that you come first and are the most valuable person. Whether you sip a cuppa tea, stretch, stare at a bird flying or meditate; make you number 1 and you will feel on top of the world. It sounds simple and it is, but it is amazing how many people just cannot do it.

Do something 'naughty' in the middle of your working week.
That means you need to break out of the over-achieving spin and undertake some kind of rejuvenating and fun activity. If it feels rebellious, that is a good sign because it will short circuit your logical mind and suddenly all of your creative energy will come rushing in. Ideas might be to get a quick foot massage in the middle of your lunch, go out to lunch with friends and spend a little bit longer there, put your phone on message bank and decline calls for 3 hours or perhaps even taking the day to work from home and getting a sneaky surf or gym class in working hours. If you are anything like me, putting in the effort is not your issue, rather it is a case of taking the foot off the pedal you need to master!

Call someone you have a good belly laugh with.
Yes, these short conversations that make you crack up with laughter will re-energise your whole body. On a physiological level, laughing starts to shake the tummy region and that is often the part we clench or get tight in. We digest our food through our stomach but also our emotions are digested there; from stress to frustration, disappointment and burnout. These emotions can get clogged as can our food if we eat poor quality nutrition. Therefore, the good old belly laugh will shake up your digestive tracks, help clear emotional gunk and give you a surge of new energy. Try holding your belly as you laugh like a fat buddha!

Close your eyes and think of three things you are grateful for.
Shutting your eyes creates a sense of distance from the world. This is powerful when we are overwhelmed by technology and documents. Taking time to come back to your own thoughts and world starts to separate your energy from everyone else and you can pick up on where you might be giving your energy out or away. Secondly, when we focus on what we love in our life, we open up the energy of the HEART chakra which massively energises us. Why? The heart is so powerfully electro-magnetic (way more than the brain) and it controls many signals to the body. Feeling happy or grateful sends a message to those cells in our body that life is good and they start to sing a song and do the happy dance.

Eat the Frog!
Well not literally because frogs are cute green things. But choosing to take an action (can be big or small) on a major issue that is creating anxiety for you is very relieving and energising. Summoning the courage to stretch ourselves and deal with the baggage in front of us will help us to feel more powerful and valuable as we are addressing something important to us. It does not need to be a big public showing of strength but could be as simple as a commitment to self for a new habit or as complex as a relationship ending (work, home or social). The amount of energy we expend on holding our breath whilst sitting on a decision or holding tightly a major challenge is HUGE. Eating the frog and taking a step is like releasing a pressure valve and you will feel on a high without the need for external stimuli.

Need some more ideas?
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