Spiritual Business Masterminds Group 

Want to Up-Level Your Business Success?

Join my 14-week Spiritual Masterminds Group Training to plug into a set of tools and ideas that will rock your working world

Bring your X-Factor, Your Intuition and Your Purpose into your business life

Most of us are taught the practical and physical actions of how to run a business and build a career. There are a zillion books out there and loads of gurus ready to share their wisdom. I don’t aim to compete with this wisdom.

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What I teach are the powerful non-physical components.

The invisible. The energetic. The quantum states.

These underlying foundations feed EVERYTHING you do on the material plane and set the tone for your experiences such as how much money you make, how easy your work flows, your networks, your client types and more.

Science now shows us that WE (our thoughts, actions and observations) affect the quantum energy field all around us. We are co-creators with this intelligent force. This force operates whether you know it or not. The question is, are you communicating properly with it or not? If we can affect the field, then we need to know how it works and how to master it. That is what this course teaches in the context of business. 

I map the Spiritual Laws and Quantum Intelligence to the 7 different business functions and give you the inside edge on how you can utilise this powerful force every day and in your working life. This kind of quantum business teaching has not been taught this way before.


Designed for business leaders/ entrepreneurs seeking to go to the next level (within themselves and also their working life) without spending huge amounts of time and scattered study. 

"Well done Debbie in putting together the Business Spirituality program!

Combining the tools and processes of the world of business with the often less understood language and patterns inherent in nature, Debbie delivers a wholistic approach to ideation, creation and growth from outside of the box. Debbie is a natural with people, gifted in her ability to lead and facilitate, and in her ability to uncover what is often overlooked. Combining her strong commercial background and senior leadership experience with her passion in ushering in a more wholistic approach to business, Debbie makes an awesome coach, mentor and facilitator!"

-Ed Leong

Are your ready to GO NEXT LEVEL?

The 7 keys to mastering the metaphysics of business cover these KEY business functions

Idea and Vision


Strategic Path


Authentic Selling


Alignment of Heart


Confidence and Value


 Networking & Connection


Operations & Actions/Habits


WHY SEVEN and what do we cover?

The 7 CORE ENERGY CENTRES or the CHAKRAS are mapped to your business and vision

☼ 7 Elements
Air, fire, water, earth, etc.
☼ 7 Psychic Senses
vision, hearing, feeling, etc.
☼ 7 Polarities
freedom v discipline, etc.
☼ 7 Universal Laws
law of vibration, law of attraction, etc.
☼ 7 Meditation techniques
ways to tune in.
☼ 7 Physical Hurdles
operational hacks

How does it work?

There are 7 Modules and 7 Live Webinars delivered over the 14 Weeks

  • You have 2 weeks to complete your module before the webinar runs to discuss and share.

  • You can ask questions anytime within the Group chat.

  • You will be assigned an accountability buddy to share ideas and stay accountable.

  • You can address a major block in your working life OR you just experience the evolution and see what comes up each fortnight.

  • Practices and theories in the course are derived from intuitive training, indigenous concepts, eco-spirituality practices, dynamic coaching methods and eastern psychology relating to the mind. These are all applied to a business context.


Deep, deep connection to self and your energy and original senses

Supercharge your business vision, purpose and inner world.

Learn to sell authentically and find your natural style.

Deepen your meditation through various styles and techniques (use these in your work).

Rapidly advance your spiritual self without blowing too much time in your busy life.

Make connections with other business like-minded people looking to develop next level up.

"I can highly recommend Debbie's Spiritual Business Masterminds Group!

2020 was a year of considerable challenge and also a year of tremendous growth and awakening. I have been lucky enough to be supported by and still am by so many amazing humans. Debbie Pask from Zenful Business has been one of these humans. She has supported me in my business and spiritual journey, for which I am truly grateful."

-Preeti P. -Coach

Ready to Start Your Metaphysical Business Mastery for just $149 per module?

Develop a deeper connection to self, your business and the quantum field around you. Designed for business leaders/entrepreneurs seeking to go to the next level (within themselves and also their working life) without spending huge amounts of time and scattered study. 

Course Details:

  • ZOOM meetings each fortnight
  • Training delivered via URL / web links
  • WHATSAPP private mentoring group
  • COST to join – $149 per fortnight over 7 modules ($1,043 total) that includes all training, education and zoom meetings