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 The challenges we face with technology, mega goals, longer working hours and cluttered lifestyles means that we need to cultivate world class energy and sustainable habits. We know that:

'ENERGY' is what gets you out of bed every day, so you can show up in life and at work. 'GOOD ENERGY' underpins WELLNESS and MINDFULNESS and just about everything else.

Therefore, despite the benefits of yoga, mindfulness or the odd massage we need MORE to build and sustain wellness - we need a DEEP PARADIGM SHIFT in the way we operate and think. This retreat will help you do just that and set you up for success so you can reach your goals.

This retreat is perfect for workplace wellness managers, leaders and entrepreneurs, HR and anyone looking to learn (or refresh) effective tools and strategies to sustain wellness performance and build momentum with others. 

If you are a manager, leader or part of the human resources team, you will be able to take the ideas you learn and inject into your organisation to encourage happier and healthier people.  Retaining good quality people who are likely to stay longer in their roles and connect better to their colleagues.

Workplace Wellness retreat-attendees

The workplace wellness revolution has birthed from the challenges mentioned above and now we are seeing company roles emerge such as Wellness Manager, Head of People and Wellness and Head of People and Culture (a.k.a Healthy Culture).

Wellness is on the RADAR for most leaders and human resources departments. So, let's get to the sticky part- How to effectively do WELLNESS?

Energy Mastery and Productive Flow @ Work

What Tools and Ideas do I utilise in the wellness workshop?
What will I learn?

Eco-therapy based tools- How to sync with nature and restore quickly and holistically through additional senses

Heart Rhythm Coherence- How to use our largest energy field in the body to shift our state.

Shamanic based personal practices- a deeper look into how rituals and habits can enrich our energy

Mind-Fit practices to strengthen our inner state- wrangling our monkey mind that generates chaotic though.

The 3 S’s- cultivating mindfulness through Stillness, Silence and Space.

Theming of days and weeks- an exercise in productive energy and focus.

Yin & Yang balance- the art of flowing between the two brain states for perfect balance.

Understanding the 2 Types of FEAR- unpacking our nervous system and managing the INNER critic.


Respect & Acceptance- collaborating with others and ending the competition and conflict at work.


Creating Meaning & Purpose- what are the basic human centric needs to stay aligned with team and working goals?

What are the benefits for you in attending the wellness event?

◉ Learn the art of becoming “Mind-Fit” so you can operate in a flow state- calm and aware.

◉ Powerful information on inner and outer wellness to share with your team and colleagues about how to foster wellness and better performance at work

◉ Establish your rituals and habits to responsibly manage your energy every day.

◉ Techniques to resolve challenges and blocks with less tension and more collaboration.

◉ A more connected and in-tune relationship to your body and creative self.

◉  Design your own strategic wellness strategy that works on a mind, body and spirit level (modeled in line with the HARVARD study that defines what makes a “corporate athlete”)

◉  Meditative tools and exercises to stay energised and clear.

◉ Learn the 4 Quadrants of WELLNESS

Access the Deep Subconscious Mind with Sound Therapy Immersion

Not everything needs to be about learning and education. Experiential sessions are key. In this session we will be practicing the art of letting go of the MIND and accessing the inner SOUL + BODY with a full body sound therapy session.

This session will help you assimilate information and understand the deep impact of YIN recovery with a sound repairing therapeutic bath.

Our Crystal Healing Carillon bowl is used worldwide in cancer clinics for deep healing and alongside sound chimes, the didgeridoo and drums, you will be transported to another world. A lovely treat to say thanks for attending and a great way of accessing the subconscious mind, bypassing the logical.

Crystal Healing_Workplace Wellness
Byron Inspired

Get Inspired with a Nutritional Energy Talk from Ryan Hollingsworth

Ryan is creator/founder of Byron Inspired-supplying organic green superfoods for nutritional performance to busy working professionals

One of the “4 Quadrants of Wellness" is your biochemistry and how it can affect your mood, physical performance and ability to operate at your best. Ryan will inspire you with the latest science and health information in an EASY-TO-DIGEST way so you realise the building blocks required for your body (diet and exercise) to support your MIND and work every day.

*One lucky person will win a bag of the TRUTH (a monthly dose of seriously supercharged greens/organic food to nourish you every day at work); designed to mimic the ‘truest’ form of recognisable nutrition for your physical vehicle.

You might be wondering where and how?

We chose the BYRON at Byron Bay space because it backs on to acres of rainforest and provides the setting  for the perfect 'eco-wellness inspiration'

Our private training room hosts a beautiful outdoor rainforest landscape and lots of fresh air and open space. Throughout the day, the amazing staff there will provide us with drinks, snacks and lunch to keep us fresh and satiated. Additional amenities include rainforest walks to the beach, the swimming pool, day spa and more. 


I am coming from a distance so where do I stay?

The choice is totally yours. Avail the special rates at Byron at Byron Bay on one or both nights, or alternatively manage your own accommodation to suit your needs and budget. Flights into Ballina or the Gold Coast airport would be the best option.

What to do in Byron Bay?

Outside of the workshop hours, and perhaps after, on the Sunday before going home, you can take in the inspiration of the Byron Shire, which is known as the spiritual mecca and paradise location of Australia. Visit the amazing lighthouse (the walk up is a good challenge), swim at the infamous Wategos, Tallows or The Pass beach or perhaps head off to Broken Head and take in the private beaches or tea tree lakes. Hike at Minyon Falls, take in tapas at the Balcony Oyster bar or listen to live music on the grass by the beach.




How you can book in? And what is the cost?

Our 2-day wellness workshop is priced at just $990

*Includes all training, food and materials for the day, plus access to resort facilities. Your accommodation is your responsibility and we wanted to make it flexible.  If you want to stay the night or two nights, we have negotiated a special rate onsite to stay. Please enquire privately about the reduced rate. You can also stay nearby at local natural cabins, camp sites (for a full eco experience) or other Airbnb options of your choice. We highly recommend you stay onsite to embrace the full experience of the location if budget permits.


How do I show up on the day and what do I bring?

Simply show up at 9:45 a.m. to register. Ready for a 10:00 a.m. start on Day 1.

Times are as follows:

DAY 1 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
DAY 2  9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Feel free to bring a journal to write extra notes in, however you will be provided with notes and handouts along the way.

Give yourself the best chance to perform and stay energised in your working life.


Byron at Byron Bay Crystalbrook Resort Byron Bay NSW

2-Day wellness getaway at just $990
*Includes all training, food and materials for the day, plus access to resort facilities. Contact Debbie Pask (debbie@rezinate.com.au) to see if this retreat is right for you.

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