Somewhere inside you, deep down, you know that YOU are part of the solution when it comes to sustaining LIFE on this planet called EARTH.
Why? Because you live here.

I don’t need to tell you what you already know. That the earth and nature is declining and world forest areas have dropped by 30% in size. The biggest social dilemma we face today is to turn around the damage that has been done to our home planet.

It is not ONE individual's job to do this.
It is not SEVERAL individual jobs or organisation's that must do this nor, do we need to act in FEAR.

It is however, everyone’s collective responsibility to play their role and to take a part as a
guardian for the earth. But how? 

How do we do this collectively when it is hard to just co-ordinate or plan one event collectively. How do I do this when I have a full time job and busy life?

We have designed a UNIQUE process that makes this easy.

  1. We focus on your personally and clarify what you stand for
  2. We then give you a series of choices as to where you are "heart aligned"
  3. Then we suggest categories/sub topics that excite the hell out of you!
  4. We then establish your natural style – from influencer, to trainer, to ‘behind the desk guy or gal’ and more… so that you get to do the work, the way you want, and in style with your rhythm
  5. Last come the organisation that you are matched to - the side hustle’s or start up projects that we pair you with to match your needs.

And Presto – out pops your ECO PURPOSE statement and mission that you can take clear action on without overthinking it. We take the guesswork out of the equation and help you to connect into what you already had deep inside you.

What to expect in this mini course?

  • Meditation Journeys and deep insights into self

  • Decision Making maps

  • Personal style sheets

  • Lists of earth guardian organisations across all levels

  • Video training on Eco Purpose and the formula

  • Real live examples of Eco Purpose in action

  • Home ‘mini audit’ on how you can improve your carbon footprint on planet earth

Connect with like-minded people on the same mission.  


Debbie & James have been working with individuals for almost 20 years in the healing and coaching field to assist major life transitions and personal challenges. Having run over 50 retreats that connect people to nature and practice the deep art of connection to self, universe and to earth – they are on a mission to hook everyone up to their unique way of celebrating and contributing to a better earth life here.

Taking inspiration from people like David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and others, they see that we all have a role to play here to sustain this incredible eco-sphere and by doing your role, you can bring about TRUE and LASTING collective change.

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