The Peace, Happiness and Success Model

The Peace Happiness Success Model
Let’s talk about peace, happiness, and success. I think it’s pretty undisputed that we all want success and we also want to feel happy. None of us are sitting around going, “I don’t want to feel successful.” or, “I don’t want happiness. I don’t want peace.” either. I think that would be a total lie.  

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How To Sustain Your Working Life?: Workplace Wellness Culture

How To Sustain Your Working Life Workplace Wellness Culture
How do we create sustainable people in business? In order for a business to thrive and survive, especially in today’s fast-paced and stressful modern world, people need to be sustainable in a business workplace. They need to be around an environment that encourages sustainability, that will make them love and enjoy it and keep their energy well so that they can stay long term with the business or the company. What would be some examples of sustainable business for someone?

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A New Perspective on Financial Security and Big Life Transitions

I want to talk today about BIG LIFE TRANSITIONS and FINANCIAL SECURITY. This topic comes up a lot as we all need money to survive here and it raises a lot of fear in us when it runs short or feels threatened. Our entire society runs off finance as a benchmark for security and success. We are obsessed with it.

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